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35 rhums (Claire Denis, 2008)

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Space Lesbians. by Shanti Flagg. 2014.


Space Lesbians. by Shanti Flagg. 2014.

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Rink’s first celebration of his birthday in his adopted city of San Francisco took place on June 27th, 1969—and was interrupted by a phone call from a friend in Greenwich Village relating the Stonewall riots in real time. After getting caught up in the then-nascent LGBT political movement, Rink turned his focus to the rich fabric of queer social and political life, chronicling San Francisco’s seismic self-transformation into the queerest city in the world in the space of a decade. The great historical value of Rink’s work is the nearly day by day chronicling of that process of transformation, the gradual and occasionally violent birthing of the San Francisco we know today. 

Rink Foto

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Zoom Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

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'Meet the Generation of Incredible Native American Women Fighting to Preserve Their Culture' via Marie Claire

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As an introvert, I’ve done, and do, all of these things…. constantly.

Every. Single. One

This is me.

Get to know me.

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